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Wind Turbine Construction – 4K Aerial Filming, Timelapse and Ground based filming combined.

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We have recently worked on a really exciting project that involved long term timelapse photography, drone based filming and photography and ground based filming.  We used our state of the art timelapse units to record the constructions over the course of 6 months. These images allow us to make a final timelapse video of the construction in over 6K resolution. We used one of our Inspire 1 Pro drones to capture 4K aerial footage in the air. We shot a lot of scenic views and a variety of the construction taking place. We worked closely with the Health & Safety teams on site to make this happen.  We also picked up shots on the ground with our Canon C300 – a firm favourite of ours.  We’ll be publishing the full video soon and in the meantime you can enjoy some of the aerial shots.