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Skyline Aerial, founded in 2012, offers the best aerial drone filming in the UK. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, our team has decades of experience across in the professional filming and photography industries.


Our mission is to offer smooth, cinematic filming from a unique perspective, at a price you can afford. We work hard to maintain our position as one of the best drone filming and photography companies in the UK and Ireland. We invest in the best equipment we can and then put it in the hands of our expert pilots who will listen to your needs and make sure you get your shots. Our cameramen are there to make sure that you not only get the shot, but that it comes out smooth, precise and cinematic.
We’ve worked in many industries – film, television, entertainment, live sports cover, live Outdoor Broadcast, engineering, inspections and mapping – our team and our drones are here to make your life easy.


Our state of the art drones are guided by GPS, carrying cameras that are gyroscopically stabilised, shooting footage up to 4K and transmitting and zero-latency HD feed to our daylight viewable monitor on the ground. You won’t miss any of the action and you won’t believe the footage you get either.


At Skyline, safety is our priority – we never take risks involving people’s lives or equipment. To allow us to operate and keep up with client’s visions we’re routinely training and annually update our certifications.

We operate under the BNUC-S license and are certified and approved with the CAA and the IAA which cover aerial operations in the UK and Ireland respectively and are a legal requirement. Skyline is fully insured for aerial operations.

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