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What we offer over traditional aerial methods.

Full Sized Aircraft Skyline
Very expensive Our services are much cheaper. 1 hour in a full-sized copter often costs the same as 8-10 hours with us.
Minimum altitude of 1000’ We have no minimum height, we operate from 0-400’ giving great versatility.
Very noisy with high fuel consumption Our systems are all electronic, running off quiet, efficient and clean Lipo batteries.
Very time consuming – rigging mounts, flying from airport to location, refuelling etc. Our initial setup is often around 20 minutes and subsequent battery changes take less than 5 minutes.
No live downlink to preview the footage as it happens. Our ground station monitor allows your creative team to view the action live and suggest flight paths or camera operations.
Jib/Crane Skyline
Lots of hassle – rigging and derigging between moves, large and cumbersome Initial set up is short and subsequent flights involve little setup. Equipment is light and easy to move.
Shots limited by position and boom length. Requires flat ground to setup. We can simulate a traditional crane move, including over much greater distances. All angles are easy to explore.
Similar RC Platforms Skyline
Often designed for hobbyists first and a camera is attached at a later date. Our system was specifically purpose built for us with aerial video and photography as top priority giving us smoother shots, higher payloads and longer flights.
Competitors often use single rotor designs, or small quadcopters with limited payload. Our platform uses 8 rotors to fly, meaning that our system has unparalleled stability when compared to traditional single rotor designs. We built our machine to specifically carry heavy cameras, such as the C300/500, RED EPIC, FS700 etc.
360° freedom Our camera is free to pan through 360°, tilt 95° and roll up to 70° and since our landing gear moves with the camera, you never have wheels, skids etc. in your shots.

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