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Down on the Ground

Live video is transmitted to our base-station on the ground allowing you to see what the camera is seeing in realtime. Our cutting edge receivers seamlessly and automatically select the best signal coming from the copter so you never miss a thing.

Our systems also allow for very precise and repeatable movements using waypoint technology. This allows us to return to the same heights and locations again and again, allowing for 360° aerial panoramas and incredibly accurate progress photos.

Up in the Air

Our aerial platforms are designed to be as stable as possible in the air. Our 8-rotor copter (octocopter) lifts the camera as efficiently as possible and is more stable and more capable of lifting heavier payloads than single or 4-rotor designs.

Our octocopter uses a variety of sensitive onboard electronics to make sure flying is smooth and agile. Combining inputs from GPS, barometric sensors and 3-axis gyros our flight controller CPU analyses the data to assist the copter in flying as smoothly as possible.

Our 3-axis gimbal further stabilizes the camera during flight and also allows precise, smooth control of where the camera is looking. Record through 360° pans, 95° tilts and 70° rolls to achieve the shots that you want. Our landing gear moves with the camera to make sure your shots are completely unobstructed.

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