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Are you licensed/ insured?

We are fully qualified, licensed and insured for drone/ UAV operation in Northern Ireland, Ireland and the rest of the UK.  Skyline pilots hold BNUC-s licenses and hold permissions from both the CAA and IAA for commercial drone operations throughout Ireland and the UK.  We are also fully insured. We can provide a copy of our permissions and insurance upon request.

What weather conditions can you fly in?

The two main limiting factors for the Skyline helicopters are wind and precipitation. We currently operate under the following guidelines.

For safety reasons we do not fly our systems in winds exceeding 15mph. For smoother shots we generally recommend flying in winds of 10mph or less.

Unfortunately, we currently cannot fly in precipitation – though we’re hoping this will be a possibility in the next 12 months or so.

How stable is your footage?

As of June 2014 we operate with a Movi 10/ Movi MR – a brushless, direct drive, 3 axis gimbal. We truly believe this is the best gimbal currently available anywhere, both for aerial and for handheld applications. We now find that post-stabilisation is rarely, if ever, required on any of our footage with the Movi.  Our Inspire 1 Pro has never required post stabilisation on any footage, ever.

What cameras can you fly?

We can fly a wide variety of cameras on our gimbal. We have a Canon C300 (Full HD, 50Mbps) and a Canon 5DkIII (Full HD, 22.3 Megapixel) in house that we can operate with almost any EF mount lens (depending on weight and size). We also fly with our GH4 for 4K footage.

In addition to our own cameras we can also fly with:

RED Epic Dragon 6K
RED Epic
RED Scarlet
Canon C500/100
BlackMagic Cinema Camera 2.5 & 4K

The Inspire 1 Pro still offers great footage in 1080p or 4K using it’s onboard X5 camera.

How long can you fly for?

Our larger octocopter has a typical flight time of 8 to 10 minutes, depending upon payload and weather conditions. When the battery pack is almost exhausted, we simply land the helicopter and replace the exhausted battery packs with a fully charged set. We have multiple battery packs to allow continual flights throughout the day and a portable charging system for recharging on the go. If we’re somewhere remote then we have a portable generator that we can use provide power.

Our Inspire 1 Pro has an even better flight time at 16-18 minutes.

How high and how fast can you fly?

Under CAA/ IAA regulations we can operate from ground height up to a 400 foot ceiling. We can also fly 500m in any direction under that ceiling. Our helicopters can stay completely still in the air if needed and offer a top speed of around 40mph.

Do you do live broadcasts?

Yes! As of 2015, we now do perfectly smooth live drone footage. We’re one of the first companies in the UK to be able to offer a live broadcast quality feed that can be streamed from an OB van or similar. We’re incredibly proud to offer live drone filming right here in Belfast.

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