Aerial Filming

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Our aerial system was designed specifically with aerial photography and filming in mind.  Our in-house Canon C300 delivers broadcast quality HD footage while our downlink to the ground lets you see exactly what the camera sees.  This allows you to ensure we’re capturing the shots that you want and if you do have any feedback, you can pass it onto the pilot and cameraman standing next to you!

We also offer 4K aerial filming using our in house Panasonic GH4 or our DJI Inspire 1 Pro.  Both of these systems use a mic 4/3 size sensor which is over 8 times larger than that of a GoPro.  This allows us to offer sharp, cinematic 4K footage that is broadcast with perfect quality to a monitor on the ground for you to view in real time while we record.

We’ve worked everywhere from closed sets, to mountain tops and from hot summer days to industrial freezers.  We understand what it’s like to work under weather and time constraints and even from before dawn to after dusk.  No matter what your project is, we’d love to tackle the challenge along with you.















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