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Wind Turbine Construction – 4K Aerial Filming, Timelapse and Ground based filming combined.

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We have recently worked on a really exciting project that involved long term timelapse photography, drone based filming and photography and ground based filming.  We used our state of the art timelapse units to record the constructions over the course of 6 months. These images allow us to make a final timelapse video of the construction in over 6K resolution. We used one of our Inspire 1 Pro drones to capture 4K aerial footage in the air. We shot a lot of scenic views and a variety of the construction taking place. We worked closely with the Health & Safety teams on site to make this happen.  We also picked up shots on the ground with our Canon C300 – a firm favourite of ours.  We’ll be publishing the full video soon and in the meantime you can enjoy some of the aerial shots.

Skyline footage features extensively in BBC series’ Riverland and Walk The Line.

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We’ve had an incredibly busy summer this year with a wide variety of filming and photography projects.  One of our largest projects was gathering the aerial footage for two BBC NI Series – “Riverland” and “Walk The Line”.

Riverland has now aired all 3 episodes (which were extremely enjoyable to watch) and this week saw the first episode of “Walk The Line” air.

Walk the line

The series follows the presenter, local celebrity Barra Best, on his journey to find out more about the old, often abandoned, railways that snake across the Northern Irish landscape.  I think the standard of production on the program is extremely high, and it was a great honour to see our footage being featured in the program.  My particular favourite shots from last night were the slow-mo scenes around the steam train.  Stay tuned for a compilation of clips used in the two programs!



National Lottery teams up with Skyline for their new Money Spinner scratch card TV ad.

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A few weeks ago we travelled down to County Wicklow to undertake some aerial filming for a very exciting project that i’ve been eager to blog about, but haven’t been able to until now.

The project was to get some great shots for a Hunger Games themed ad for the new Irish National Lottery “Money Spinner” scratch card. We spent the day filming various options for many of the shots, and even a whole version of the ad that featured our custom octocopter flying in the background of each shot. Though there isn’t much aerial footage in the final cut, I think the 2 opening shots look great – and the ad is hilarious!

Well done to the team at Red Rage Films for putting it together. Feel free to check the ad out below.