XMOOR Trailer – Aerial footage for a horror film

September 8, 2014

Last year we had the opportunity to work on the horror film “XMOOR”.  Written and directed by upcoming filmmaker Luke Hyams, XMOOR is fresh from Film4 FrightFest where it debuted to horror fans here in Northern Ireland.  After a day of filming from dusk to dawn in a secretive, but very misty, location, we waited (im)patiently for the trailer for XMOOR to be released.  XMOOR was the first feature film that we shot footage for and it was a fantastic experience.  The vision and passion from the team behind the film was infectious and we ended up capturing some really creepy, eery shots to compliment the dark vibe of the film.

XMOOR isn’t in cinemas yet for you to see, but while you wait for the release date you can watch the trailer below.  Dark room and headphones optional…


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